Tiens Super Calcium Powder WIth Metabolic Factors

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Tiens Metabolic Calcium Powder BD

Tiens Metabolic Calcium Powder BD, This medication is especially for diabetic patients. These days the majority square measure smitten by polygenic disorder. Polygenic disorder is spreading slowly in our world. If we tend to don’t take correct care of polygenic disorder then it’ll injury our body. All and sundry in our country is smitten by any reasonably illness among them, polygenic disorder is extremely serious.

The speed of death of polygenic disorder is increasing step by step. a day concerning five out of one hundred folks die of polygenic disorder. Currently, mortality is increasing in polygenic disorder. It’s inconceivable to eliminate numerous varieties of medicines for polygenic disorder. Therein case the tiens company being a fabulous product its super cal powder with metabolic factors.

Diabetes could be a dangerous illness that damages the body’s ability to method blood sugar, otherwise referred to as blood glucose. Within the worlds, the calculable variety of individuals over eighteen years ancient with diagnosed and diagnosed polygenic disorder many folks. The statistics say between twenty seven.9 and 32.7 % of the population.

The peoples of diabetic suffer careful management; polygenic disorder will cause a buildup of sugars within the blood, which may scale back the chance of dangerous complications, as well as stroke and heart attract. Completely different varieties of polygenic disorder square measure occurring, and managing the condition depends on the kind.

Super Calcium Powder WIth Metabolic

Diabetes could be an illness that case blood sugar, or blood glucose, levels square measure too high. Aldohexose come back food that we tend to eat all the time. hypoglycaemic agent could be a secretion that reduces the aldohexose get into your cells to administer them energy.

Our body doesn’t build hypoglycaemic agent. Any varieties your body doesn’t build or use hypoglycemic agent well. While not enough hypoglycemic agents, the aldohexose injury in your blood.

That case our blood glucose is above traditional however not high enough that referred to as polygenic disorder. Having predicaments puts you at a better risk of obtaining sort two polygenic disorders. On the time aldohexose in our blood will cause serious issues.

It wills injury our eyes, kidneys, and nerves. Polygenic disorder reduces our cardiopathy, stroke and even the requirement to get rid of a limb.

Super metallic element Powder with Metabolic Factors is specially developed for polygenic disorder by removing sugar whereas adding a pumpkin direction(pancreas mender) to beloved on top of.

All natural ingredients, no sucrose, low in fat and calories. One bag (10g) contains over 360 mg of enzymolysis bone metallic element powder.

Pumpkin flour addedcontains CTY (cyclopropyl aminoalkanoic acid, a blood sugar-lowering factor), which might effectively regulate the secretion operate of the exocrine {gland|duct gland} gland.

Protect the exocrine gland, supplement metallic element, lower blood glucose, equalize nutrition and stop diabetic complications. It is contains carbohydrate, which might stimulate the multiplication of bifid bacteria within the enteric tract, maintain the conventional functions of the enteric tract, and enhance immunity.


This product works scleroprotein, minerals and vitamins. It additionally works for duct gland, supplement metallic element, lower blood glucose, equalize nutrition and stop diabetic complications. It’s stimulate the multiplication of divided bacterium in eternal tract, maintain the traditional functions of enteral tract, and enhance immunity. Super metallic element Powder with Metabolic Factors is specially designed for persons that suffer diabetics.


We should use it once/twice daily, 1 sachet each time and take with warm water (60-70 °C) or other foodstuffs.

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    Metabolic Calcium is effective for Diabetes Wounded People

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