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Nutrient Super Calcium Powder Price in BD

Nutrient Super Calcium Powder Price in BD, We know that health is wealth. All the time  we’d like correct care in our body. We’d like such a lot metal in body work. So as to keep up an honest health we’d like to eat balanced food, daily gentle exercises, fresh air, clean water, maintain smart posture, enough sleep and rest and conjointly medical check ups. Fellow our elder’s metal could be a matter essential for keeps. Metal is that the most vital suppose in our regular routine.

Calcium may be an element essential forever. It’s accountable for several functions of our body, for instance, the traditional perform of biological process enzymes and blood coagulation. It conjointly ensures traditional muscle perform and also the correct functioning of the system nervous. Above all, metal is a necessary building block for bones and teeth.

A lot of of the component provided to our body in childhood and adolescence, the bigger the prospect we’ll have for a stronger, questionable peak bone mass, that achieved roughly around thirty years ancient. Between the ages thirty and fifty it’s stable, and then begins to decrease.

It helps to scale back the loss of bone mineral in post-menopausal ladies. Low bone mineral density may be a risk issue for osteoporosis bone fractures. However, this method will begin earlier, since up to ninety nine of metal is deposited within the bones and only one within the tissues. The body itself tries to keep up correct metal levels. However, once metal intake is insufficient, the metal begins to be discharged from bones and this implies bones chemical change.

Nutrient Super Calcium Powder

It deficiency inhibits maintenance of bone and teeth. Associate in nursing adult human needs regardingone, 000 mg of metal per day. However, the demand for metal varies with age and conjointly depends on the gender. Youngsters and adolescents throughout intensive growth, pregnant and breastfeeding ladies furthermore as biological time ladiesand older individuals would like a lot of metal.

Meanwhile, with food, we offer from four hundred to 800 mg of metal per day, chiefly with milk, cheese, dairy product and alternative dairy farm merchandise. Also, fish square measure a chic supply of metal. Additionally, the absorption of metal also reduced by drinking an excessive amount of tea, coffee, alcohol, and overwhelming parts of the many merchandise, e.g. physic acid contained in cereals and legumes, oxalates, insoluble fiber fractions, the oversupply of phosphorus.

A diet made in sugar, fats and seasoning conjointly reduces the absorption of metal. within the case of risk of metal deficiency, additionally to a correct diet, supplementation is so needed. TIENS created a series of metal supplements, fitted to completely different desires of the body. Nutrient Super metal Powder may be a universal product containing metal and a group of vitamins. Every of the TIENS metal supplements contain organic ionisingmetal, well absorbed by the body (approximately 95%).

Diabetes is presently a awfully serious illness in each person’s life. Diabetic patients area unit currently diagnosed with a death rate of over a hundred deaths, and diabetic patients use differing kinds of medicines to eliminate them. Nearly each family features a high degree of polygenic disorder.

It’s terribly serious illness, it’s vital to eradicate this illness. It’s terribly troublesome to eliminate polygenic disorder even once measurement an excessive amount of. Foods like polygenic disorder become a awfully vital issue for diabetics

Tiens Super Calcium Powder

It has been ready fully naturally. This product created entirely of low- calorie low fat and fewer serrate. It created to the dearth of metal within the body. This is facilitating the system. It is vital component for those that suffer from metal deficiency.

It originally designed for diabetic patients. It’s vital for those that became addicted to varied forms of food. This product employed to eliminate polygenic disorder patients.

It offers North American country metal trends in existence, which incredibly vital for our well- being. A bone inhibits corrosion. Tiens supper nutrient calcium powder controls the body’s high pressure level.

It will increase the body’s metabolism and keeps the body healthy that it’s vital. This product to not be used as a medication however we will use it as a prime quality diet. It is made up of the extract of wheat tree that will increase the body’s system and keeps our body healthy and storm.


one time or 2 times use it daily. Would  like heat water (60-70c) or alternative table spoon.

N.B: it’s no side effects.

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